About Haystax

We are Canada's newest and most innovative mortgage company. Poised to expand across Canada with a unique model, Haystax offers mortgage professionals something truly better than the status quo.

Our History


In 2017 our founder, one of the most awarded executives in the Canadian mortgage industry, realized that mortgage professionals in Canada were being left behind in the global mortgage marketplace.
Technology was being developed that was just rehashed versions of the same CRM systems, and franchise networks were offering nothing truly unique. Canada was years behind the U.S.A. and over a decade behind Europe in how we interact with the consumer.
We took over 3 years to research the global mortgage marketplace, consulted with international franchise consultants, develop world leading consumer facing technology, and then created the world's first retirement solution for our industry.
Our brand, from the name, logo and right down to the colours were extensively researched and designed to appeal to the customers of today, and tomorrow.



Our Expertise


With a combined experience of more than 100 years in the mortgage industry, franchising, and executive management for small, medium, and large businesses as well as government, technology and human resources Haystax provides it's franchisees with a well rounded experience.



Our Commitment


Our commitment is simple. Our franchisees are much more than just our customers.
They are the lifeblood of our brand and we treat them as they should be treated.
Like family.