There is a reason why our franchise website is - it is because of the guarantee that we provide all of our franchisees.
30% More Volume
That is not a typo. We are the only brand that can say with confidence we will grow your business. In fact we average 2 new mortgage applications per day with our marketing program for our franchise owners. Just imagine what you could do with volume like that!
30% More Profit
If you are feeding your agents with quality business, gone are the 90/10 splits. These are your customers and you get to decide how to manage the applications and that directly results in improved profitability for you.
Add to the simple Management Service Fee structure that Haystax has, and you are no longer having to worry about collecting marketing or technology fees from your agents. 
30% More Equity
What does your brand do for you today to help you plan for the future? Probably very little, if at all.
We know that you are not thinking about retirement just yet because you are focused on growing your business. At Haystax having a plan for the future is in our DNA. With our business system we can assure you that not only is your franchise saleable when you are ready to retire, it will be worth at least 30% more than if you stayed with your current brand.
The Guarantee
So what is the guarantee? Simple really. If you follow our system carefully, and you do not experience 30% growth in the first three years, we will pay you back six months of the management service fee.
So yeah, we are putting our money where our mouths are.


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