Most of the companies that exist in Canada today are not as independent as you might think.
The mortgage industry in Canada has seen some aggressive amalgamation over the last several years. The result is that where there were once 13 independent national brands for brokers to choose from, there are now in reality only 5 and that includes Haystax.
While this amalgamation might mean different things for different people, one thing for certain is that the independence of the brand to innovative, grow, and provide differentiators to mortgage professionals is gone.
Events are grouped together, management is governed by a small select few, and the ability of the franchise owner to genuinely contribute to the future of the brand no longer exists. Instead, like the restaurant industry, large conglomerates are slowly eating away at the foundations of the industry in the goal of accumulating wealth.
Even companies that recently decried the amalgamation are getting in on the game with the recent acquisition of Axiom by CENTUM. 
While Haystax is a franchise brand, we are truly independent. Our focus is to provide a truly unique identity that encourages our franchise owners to actively participate in our company through the exclusive introduction of a Franchise Advisory Council.
We think that it is time Mortgage Professionals in Canada had some real choice when it comes to their business, don't you?


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