What does your brand do to grow your business?
When you join a franchise brand there is always lots of promises made around growth. You are told that your business will be more profitable and you will get more business. That seems fair, and a small number of brands have done pretty good with building brand recognition. In theory that should result in more mortgage applications being received by the individual offices, right?
Not quite.
For those brands who charge a marketing fee the truth is that they are limited in how much influence they actually have in how much business you as a franchise owner receives. Building brand is important, but the marketing needs to be consistent, and provide measurable results.
Ask yourself this, how many mortgage applications did you receive last year as a direct result of your brands marketing efforts? Do you even know? If you don't know, that is a problem because there is really no other way to measure the value of your marketing fee. Good money spent on marketing should equal more money where it belongs, in your pocket.
Does your brand manage the marketing in house? If they do, how are they held accountable to you? Do you have input into how the money is spent? Is your money spent exclusively on marketing to grow your business, or is it spent on franchise sales, and hiring expensive guest speakers for events that you need to pay to attend?
If they are not driving business to your door, then how much are you reliant on your independent agents for volume? Are you burdened with having to pay splits that leave little or nothing left for the business? What happens when an agent leaves, how do you fill that hole? If you were supplying your agents with leads, doesn't it make sense that you can achieve wider margins on those deals, and retain ownership of the client?
What about your protected territory? Do you even have one, or are you like so many others faced with some of your fellow franchisees being within blocks of you or even worse, in the same complex? How can you be expected to grow if you also have to compete with your own brand for business and agents?
Does your brand support you with business planning assistance? Market research? If not... why not?
You need, and deserve, a better strategy.
Owning a business is hard work and if you wanted to go at it alone, you would not have joined a brand in the first place. Being a franchise owner is supposed to be about being independent but not being alone. It should mean that you get the support you need to grow your business through marketing, research, planning, and yes customer service - all of which should result in measurable results for your business.
So why are you settling for less?
At Haystax our strategy for growth is clearly defined and produces proven results for our franchise owners. Our system is proven to generate mortgages, improve margins, and provide tangible equity growth in your business. We are not just here to build and grow the Haystax name, we are here to put more money where it should be - in your pocket.
We are so confident in our ability to grow your business that we are the only brand in the country that will guarantee it in writing. Ask your brand today if they would be willing to do the same, if not... It might be time for an upgrade.