Support is a word that brands like to use almost excessively, the problem is the reality of what support you get is often far from what is promised.
We conducted a national survey and spoke to brokers from all different brands, and the one common theme was that there was a lack of true support. While all brands offer customer service representatives to assist there is a consistent shortfall reported in two key areas: New Franchise Support, and Training.
At Haystax we understand that when you join a new brand the support you get as a new franchise owner sets the tone for your entire future. To help make the journey of getting started with us, we have created the industry's most comprehensive franchise on-boarding process and training. We want to start off on the right foot - if we say we are going to do it, we will.
Training is often left to individual franchise owners. There is no training for administrative staff, no business management or human resource training, and the training for agents is primarily focused on sales. In almost all cases the survey respondents said that the current training from brands was mostly made up of recordings of old webinars, or exclusively focused on how to use technology.
Haystax has worked hard to develop our training programs. We support all aspects of the franchise from administration, sales, compliance and underwriting, all the way to business planning and marketing. The training has been created using adult educational standards, and reviewed by industry regulators and business professionals. The result is Haystax having the distinction of being the only brand whos training has been compared favourably to university and regulatory training.
Support has to be more than just getting a phone call now and then, it has to be tangible and deliver results that can be measured. If not, then what is the point?